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Story Picks for Kids

Story Picks for Kids: 1

It is challenging to pick must-haves children’s books when the options are endless. The main purpose of making this list of best books for children is to help parents in the process of selecting suitable books for their kids. The list covers a wide range of ages and would be divided into groups of five. Each week will pick up five books of our choice. Here are our picks for this week:  
The little prince

1- The little prince (12 and up)

It takes children on an adventure to explore concepts related to life through his trips from planet to another.

2- Leaves (infant to 2 years)

Introducing season changes through a story of bear’s first autumn, making the concept of changing seasons an exciting event. The bear dances through the fall of leaves, and getting ready for winter nap.
A different pond

3- A different pond (6 to 8 years)

a moving story of a father and his son, this story shows the bond they have as they wake up early in the morning to go fishing.
Jabari Jumps

4- Jabari Jumps (3 years and up)

Jabari faces his fears of jumping into the swimming pool by being brave. The story embraces the concept of bravery and having a support system as Jabari father who kept cheering up for his son, and encouraging him to jump.
Press here

5- Press here (2 to 5 years)

This story is an interactive book that allows kids to experience physical engagement with the story; children will be pushing, shaking, tilting, and more. Great for kids to learn about cause and effects in an interactive way.

Make fun stories with your kids in Adeeb Studio, and share them with your loved ones!

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